Inform about illegal content

Who should I inform about illegal content, and how?

You can fill in the form on the website, which can also be accessed via the banner on the ‘Safer Internet Centre in Estonia’ website

Information about material depicting illegal content can be provided anonymously – you do not have to provide your personal details.

The form should be completed as follows:

The Internet address you are using to provide the information*

The nature of the material you are providing information about*
 material depicting the sexual abuse or exploitation of minors material depicting the trafficking of minors material depicting other illegal content
Please specify

The source of the information you are providing
 website newsletter social network e-mail address chatroom other
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Additional information
(portal/forum username, instant messaging (e.g. MSN Messenger, ICQ,
Skype or Yahoo) or other communication environment username, e-mail
address, e-mail conversations, screengrabs etc.)

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